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Morthen Kiang

Morthen Kiang was born in the year 1982 (supposedly on the sounds of New Order’s “Blue Monday”) and grew up in Maldegem, a quiet village in the north-west of Belgium (known for its cult scene).
From 2000 on he has been playing records, inspired by the deeper and more soulful side of Techno and House. Between 2000 and 2006 he mainly focused on collecting vinyl, sometimes flying to London for buying rare original pressings of classic tunes at the Reckless or MVE stores in the Soho district.
His passion for this classic sound resulted in a double performance on the “Switch” show on the national radio station Studio Brussel in 2007 where two of his classics mixes were broadcasted.
In the same year he regained his interest in todays electronic music and moved his focus from collecting records to performing, inspired by his biggest DJ influences Ron Hardy (R.I.P.) and Derrick May. With an updated playlist, combining the best of the present with landmark dance tracks of the past, he performed on various events.
In the beginning of 2008 he launched the “Feel This Funk” mix series. The aim of these series is blending energetic, deep and inspirational dance music. Putting the soul back in the music!
No trends. No hypes.
The sets are distributed via the web and on CD-r in small quantities.


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