Llorenç Barber

Llorenç Barber is one of the mavericks of Spanish music. Departing from a passionate interest in John Cage – and particularly in ZAJ group, a sort of Spanish zen/ Dada collective- Barber has developed a truly unique musical language since his early minimalist-inspired compositions. He has developed a strong interest in one of the most ancient sounds of the humankind, the sound of bells. With his portative set of bells, Barber plays long improvised pieces in which uses harmonic chant; a minimal chamber setting which recognizes links with NY Downtown experimental scene from the seventies and eighties (in fact, he was there in early ’80’s). His other works includes music for several ensembles and extended vocal techniques, but his most original and breathtaking pieces are undoubtedly his “City Concerts.” Here, he takes bell towers in different churches of the same city and composes scores using each bell tower as an instrumental line in the orchestra. Barber has “sounded” nearly 100 cities in Europe and America and has made another spatial compositions for marching bands in plazas de toros or for ship horns and ornamental fires.