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Slumberland & Pruillip

Slumberland (Morphine, Consouling Sounds)
With Slumberland, Belgian musician, composer and instrument maker Jochem Baelus has been unleashing obscure, hypnotic krautrock and post punk colored with distorted exotica, upon us since 2013. Slumberland’s tactile sound is generated by a battery of sewing machines, film projectors and other dismantled, mechanical objects. So far, he released a solo album, the 2019 release ‘Sea, sea, sea Drifter // See, see, see Drifter’, alongsided by 2 drummers and a recent collaboration with Tuvan voice-artist Sainkho Namtchylak. But last year Jochem Baelus also constructed a brand new sound installation which he takes on the road solo. Expect rattling drones of motoric ‘bagpipes’ grinding, accompanied by compelling, melodic & minimal compositions and complete stillness.
Pruillip (Louis Evrard & Annelies Van Dinter)
PRUILLIP is a new Belgian based sludge band formed by Louis Evrard (Ottla, …) on guitars and Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty, Naga Ghost) on drums. The band is born in the summer of 2021 when they were invited by Dennis Tyfus for a show at the beautiful Middelheimmuseum (Antwerp).
Repetitive, slow and loud are the main ingredients why Pruillip makes us think of the young Earth from the 90’s.
Pruillip is currently working on some recordings to be released in 2022 and 2023. Stay tuned.