Various Artists
cat. mea008
release 12" + digital
release date September 2012
mastering Rashad Becker
distribution Clone
artist page

Nulldup has been previously released on Bepotel Records (BEP001)
Drawings by SVN

meakusma is releasing a 12'' compilation to coincide with their party in Eupen in September 2012. Four artists from the line up each deliver two tracks. Tase, linked to Atelier and Sex Tags Mania, delves deep with one ecstatic Industrial track that references weird Pop music and one slow, challenging and remorseless club track. Dreesvn, aka Dynamo Dresden and SVN, continue their by now famous eclectic production style with two dark, yet playful tunes that reference the darker end of the nineties Electro sound. Ssaliva, aka Cupp Cave, is a Belgian project that released a critically acclaimed mini-album in 2011. His two contributions are poppy and fun excursions into psychedelic dance music where melody, texture and rhythm always contradict and reinforce each other. Bepotel is a promising young band from Belgium, producing a hybrid between House, Ambient and Jazz. Their music is weirdly organic and wildly convincing.


Outstanding showcase from the ever adventurous Acido/Atelier camp – Highly recommended!

meakusma puts on rocking nights in Brussels, and this terrific, kaleidoscopic showcase commemorates a big party at the weekend, with a lineup including Kassem Mosse, Cristian Vogel, and the four contributors here: Tase and Dresvn from Sex Tags, mixing swingeing techno, industrial, electro and pop with characteristically dark, sly wit; and Belgians Ssaliva and the group Bepotel, with trippy, layered dance music, and out, organic, grooving house, respectively. Warmly recommended. Op uw gesondheit, meakusma

meakusma mark their latest party with two tracks a piece from their lineup. Tase follows up a couple of cool 12″s for Berlin’s Atelier Records with one piece of cosmic modular science and another bit of churning industrial house sounding like Tin Man meets Coil, while his affiliate, Acido’s Dresvn impresses with the Oram-esque abstraction ‘Flurry Dust’ and the martian winds of ‘Creation’. Going native, Belgium’s Ssaliva follows up his wicked 10″ for Vlek with a slice of John Carpenter-esque voodoo ‘Trap Nite’ and the Actress-like ‘Ivory Tower’ beside two track from promising newcomers Bepotel with the dreamy slomp of ‘Answer Times’ and the twinkling, spaced-out deep house of ‘Nulldup’.

The sheer quality and heterogeneity of meakusma’s music can only be attributed to its fine artist selection. Here they call on some of their well-known regulars and two lesser-known electronic excursionists – Ssaliva and Bepotel. Ranging from the moody but equally exceptional soundscapes of Tase on “Reflection” and “Comeback”, to the haunting melodies of the tracks made from the combined talents of Dynamo Dresden and SVN as Dresvn, the record already makes us shiver within its four starting tracks. Mystery man Ssaliva injects some serious doses of sci-fi beats on both his tracks, with “Ivory Tower” being one of the most daring productions we’ve heard in a while. Bepotel makes his voice clearly heard on both “Tower Times Island” and “Nulldup”, two tracks which vary from two-step reminiscent arrangements to crispy, progressive deep house…an exquisite selection of tracks from an ever-growing label. TIP!

“Experimental House” steht auf dem Stempel, den meakusma dieser Mini-Compilation aufgedrückt hat. Vier Künstler sind je mit zwei Titeln vertreten. Tase aus der Sex Tags Mania-Clique steuert erst dunkel funkelnde Drones bei und greift beim zweiten Track tief in die Kiste der absurden Popzitate. Dresvn machen es ähnlich und nach einem kurzen Skit blubbert “Flurry Of Dust” gefährlich unter der Oberfläche. Nur etwas gemütlicher geht es bei Ssaliva zu, der genüsslich seine Loops und Samples zu psychedelischen Meditationen anordnet. Die belgische Band Bepotel steuert den Abschluss bei. Nach etwas warmen Ambient lässt einen die kurze House-skizze “Nulldup” irritiert zurück, da sie durch rhythmische Unebenheiten gebrochen wird. Insgesamt befindet sich das alles irgendwo im Kosmos zwischen Cabaret Voltaire, To Rococo Rot und dem weissen Rauschen. Diese Platte ist langsam, bedrohlich, unbequem.Und gut.

Authot : JR