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August Tape Sketches

Melancholy and heavily saturated guitar variations from Montreal-based concréte head Jeremy Young – like a meeting point between Godspeed You! Black Emperor and William Basinski.
With a background in electro-acoustic music and tape collage, Jeremy Young might not be the most obvious person to rustle up a personal set of moving lullabies and post-post-rock guitar sketches, but “August Tape Sketches” is exactly that – Young uses his well-honed concréte techniques to recontextualize the nostalgic guitar/tape loop ballad, and his treatments are effective and moving. Each track sounds less a unique piece of work than an attempt to unravel the formula, and as a whole the album plays like a set of memories, processed through distinct, unmistakable ferric vortexes.
If you wanted to know what Canadian post-rock interludes might sound like if they was treated with the same flair and attention to detail as Valerio Tricoli’s Revox-fuck’d output, “August Tape Sketches” is well worth a peep.