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The Word Radio

The last installment of the monthly meakusma show on The Word Radio is a guest mix by the Hamburg trio giraffe. On the occasion of their new release ‘shine and dark’ they have made a wonderful selection.

Arnold Schoenberg – Verklärte Nacht
Gnawa Halwa – Busuwi
Oval – Ovalprocess Untitled
John Cage – Roarotario
Alexander Scriabin – Prelude Op. 13 No.3
Drummers of the societe absolument Guinin – Petro
Lithops – Thrash Application
Luigi Nono – Fragmente Stille, An Diotima
Gunter Adler – Douche Dames
Xenakis – Metastasis
Madjid Khaladj – The Cup Bearer
Scelsi – Aion
Holosud – La Backbrettspielerin Brummtschi
Cut Hands – Erzulie d’en tort
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Kontakte
Terre Thaemlitz – Fagjazz Track 3
Charles Ives – Central park in the dark
To Rococo Rot – Kölner Brett Untitled (4)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Klavierstück IX
Swans – Bring The Sun / Toussaint L’Ouverture
F.X. Randomiz – Dirt u m
Drummers of the societe absolument Guinin – Ibo
Anton Webern – String Quartet Op.29 No.1
Charles Ives – Piano Sonata 2 The Alcotts
Edgar Varese – Hyperprism
Giraffe – Untitled
All – Überall, Untitled
Nurse With Wound – Spiral Insana
Curd Duca – Goddess
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Rensenada

The Word Radio

The next installment of the monthly meakusma show on The Word Radio premiers Saturday February 16th. The first part of the show is compiled by ourselves and will feature two tracks from the upcoming Giraffe record „shine and dark” on meakusma. Giraffe is the joint project of Karl-Heinz Schöppner, Sascha Demand and Jürgen Hall, all seasoned veterans in improvisational composition and performance.
The last 35 minutes of the show will consist of a recording made of the concert by Asmus Tietchens at last year’s Meakusma Festival. Tietchens’ work has defied categorization ever since he started releasing his work in 1980. Touching upon industrial music, pop and avantgarde composition, Tietchens has brought a unique and adventurous perspective to sound that is at times serious and at times absurd. He has collaborated with such people as Thomas Köner, Felix Kubin, Vidna Obmana, Dieter Moebius, Richard Chartier and many others. His Hematic Sunsets project threw lounge music for a loop, delving into the experimental possibilities of pop music. He self-defines as always having been on the fringes of any of the genres he has supposedly worked in, stating he nowadays works on the fringes of reductionist music.

Giraffe – Close mine eyes
Zeena Parkins – Once
Courtis Moore – The Honest Waitress
Daniel Schmidt and the Berkely Gamelan – Ghosts
Luc Ferrari – Feb 2nd, 1975
Carl Stone – Banteay Srey
Accicent du Travail – Food Is Ready
Nadine Byrne – Atlas
Giraffe – Seraphim
Koray Kantarcıoğlu – Percussions A-1100
The Mask Of The Imperial Family – Untitled
Asmus Tietchens live at Meakusma Festival 2018