By using the filtering techniques described in this post, you’ll be able to quickly find the information you need according to your criteria. Don’t forget, of course, to change “testuser” to an actual user name, keeping the quotes. Click OK and enter a name and a description for your custom view. Finally, click OK and your newly created custom view will be added to the list and you’ll be able to see its results.

People often want to know why a particular service did not start or run successfully. Network Information – name, IP address, and port where the remote logon request originated. These values are left blank for local logins, or if the information can’t be found. Network Information – name, IP address, and port where the remote logon request.

You can cancel a test at any time by pressing any key. Symptom tests use common issues to identify the root cause of the problem. If the Extensive Test does not detect a hardware problem, run the Component Tests. If this app is not on your computer, download the latest version from the HP Hardware Diagnostics website.

Event Logs

10h WRITE FILEMARKS Writes filesmarks, such as download from here end of data, onto medium. 11h SPACE Provides a variety of positioning functions. 12h INQUIRY Returns basic device information and inquiry data. 15h MODE SELECT Sets device parameters in a mode page. 1Ah MODE SENSE Returns current device parameters from mode pages. 1Bh LOAD UNLOAD Tells the target to load or unload the media in the tape cartridge.

  • Once you enter the BIOS window, press F9 to restore the default settings.
  • When troubleshooting an issue, it can often be helpful to obtain debug log events from the Globus Connect Personal software.
  • The first option, the unsupported upgrade to Windows 11, brings most settings and installed programs to the Windows 11 system.

The event log also tracks background events that may not always be visible to the user. You can also look for ID 1102 to check if any other logs were cleared. Windows stores all events that happen in your computer system for future reference in the Windows Event Viewer.

Windows 10: Can I delete a registry key that I just created?

Follow the on-screen instructions to update the drivers. If your PC has multiple USB ports, you’ll see several entries for USB Root Hub. In that case, you’ll need to update drivers for each of those ports. Malfunctioning or corrupt USB drivers can also lead to the ‘Unknown USB Device ’ error on Windows.

Registry values may contain backslashes in their names, but doing so makes them difficult to distinguish from their key paths when using some legacy Windows Registry API functions . Because if you don’t the system registry will save recent changes incorrectly and cause some issues. When you shut down the system in the proper way the system registry will also save all the changes that were made in the registry in the correct way. It’s a shame and the only way to get rid of them is to be active about it and to remove them once in a while with the help of a dedicated program. Not so much to clean so much as remove dead entries and left behind items that are causing hang ups.