Noise In The Ether #2

The air crackles again and the two voices of Noise in the Ether emerge again, perhaps faltering, perhaps awkward, but always honest and always excited. The tragic death of Trish Keenan gave us cause to launch on a storm of brittle electronics and her elegiac, ghostly voice. From there the soundwaves dance across jazz, fusion, drone, rock and… the ancient rumblings of music perhaps once thought lost. From Switzerland to New Zealand, Manchester to Tokyo (via Korea!), Noise in the Ether stretches the airwaves once again, exploring, probing, considering and contemplating the vast tapestry of musical creation. We have lost one beautiful voice, but Noise in the Ether continues to strive to uncover more. Happy listening.


1.Broadcast / America’s Boy / Tender Buttons
2.Santana / All the love in the Universe / Caravanserai
3.Pat Metheny / Part 5 / Zero Tolerance for Silence
4.Gate / Have Not / The Dew Line
5.Ground Zero / Consume Red / Consume Red
6.Henry Threadgill’s Zooid / It never moved / This Brings us to Vol. 2
7.Tony Conrad with Faust / Part XVIII / Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive
8.Burial Hex / Hunger / Hunger 12″
9.Yoko Ono / Why / Plastic Ono Band
10.Duo Stimmhorn / Im Harz / Schnee
11.The Durutti Column / Sketch For Summer / The Return of the Durutti Column

About Noise In The Ether

The airwaves fill with crackling sounds, bursts of ideas, music and opinions, all loud, yet all temporary. Noise in the Ether presents two new voices, new ideas and, above all, MUSIC! Music before all else, the voices made secondary. What kind of music? Any and all.
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