Noise In The Ether #1

There’ll be subtle jazz and improv meanderings followed by bursts of hysterical noise; rock’n'roll animals will duel with ancient bluesmen and folk singers; guitars will unleash sheets of metal before making way for delicate ambience or insistent drone. Pop will dance to its insistent tune or minimalist composition will subsume our senses. This is the beauty of music. Music before all else. Noise in the Ether.


1.Frank Zappa / Zoot Allures / Zoot Allures
2.Inca Ore / Infant Ra / Birthday of Bless You
3.The Caretaker / Rosy Retrospection / Persistent Repetition of Phrases
4.Fred Frith / Out of Their Heads (On Locoweed) / Guitar Solos
5.Derek Bailey / Rockin’ Chair / Ballads
6.Grateful Dead / Death Don’t Have No Mercy / Live/Dead
7.Skullflower / Slaves / Xaman
8.Phil Kline / 96 Tears / Glow in the Dark
9.Hair Police / Constantly Terrified / Constantly Terrified
10.John Tchicai / Hymn / John Tchicai with Strings
11.Burial / Ghost Hardware / Untrue

About Noise In The Ether

The airwaves fill with crackling sounds, bursts of ideas, music and opinions, all loud, yet all temporary. Noise in the Ether presents two new voices, new ideas and, above all, MUSIC! Music before all else, the voices made secondary. What kind of music? Any and all.
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