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meakusma & Patience at Katakomben - 22.09.12
22.09.12 - meakusma & Patience at Katakomben
Cristian Vogel LIVE
Cristian Vogel LIVE (Shitkatapult, Tresor, Mille Plateaux - CH)

Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and theorist, known worldwide for his experimental DJ and Live performances, compositions for contemporary dance and many studio productions.

Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he is now based in Geneva.

Cristian Vogel has been a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds.

Over a 20 year career at the vanguard of european electronic music, he has been acknowledged for blueprinting the “minimal” and “wonky” techno music styles back in the mid-nineties, as well as outstanding work in the field of avant-garde composition for contemporary dance, film and sound art.

Considered by some as “a producers producer”, Cristian has been asked to remix Radiohead, Maximo Park, Thom Yorke and many more original artists.

His compositions for contemporary dance have been highly acclaimed for their vision, delicacy and attention to detail.

As a performer and songwriter, he has been the other founder of the duo “Super_Collider” alongside Jamie Lidell, as well as his own recent songwriting project “Night Of The Brain”.

Currently, whilst continuing to think and compose in music space as a daily practice, his divergent artist research streams are ongoing. Research interests include;

- state-of-the-art composition
- sound and music computing
- the future of music in a digital networked society
- embodied and enactive music cognition
- modelling sensorial expertise (improvisation, wine and music)

He has designed and lead a number of workshops and symposiums, notably;
- the 1st Kyma International Sound Symposium (Barcelona 2009)
- Dialog:Sound and Movement (GVASessions, Geneva, 2011)
- LiveConnections Workshop (Electron Festival, Geneva, 2011)
- Club Glop (wine tasting and music events, Barcelona, 2009)

Plus presentations of research and interventions such as;
- RedBull Music Academy (2001 / 2010 / 2011)
- Kyma International Sound Symposium (2009 / 2010 / 2011)
- Sound and Music Computing Conference (Barcelona 2010)

Cristian has a degree in 20th Century Music studies from University of Sussex, under the tutorship of Jonathan Harvey and Martin Butler.
Sound interventions, soundtracks and art projects

Arrebatadas (2010) EatMeat Gallery, Barcelona
Gessami (2009) sitespecific sound and visual installation for the Theatre de Arsenic, Lausanne
Artificiel's 'Bulbes' for the Montreal museum of Contemporary Art (2003)
Stefan Bruggeman's 'A Production of Nothing' (2005)
' 1000 beats 1 beat' with Pieter-jan Ginckels (2007).

Film scores and featured music include Hands (2008) short film soundesign and soundtrack for Xavi Jose/Sony PSP
Original music featured in Gaspar Noe's feature film, "Enter The Void" (2010).
Kassem Mosse LIVE
Kassem Mosse LIVE (Workshop, Mikrodisko, Nonplus - GER)

Kassem Mosse has been producing and performing his style of minimal skills music since 2003. Until then, he lived a quiet life, a stranger to champagne. Now, he experiments with cheap and ugly drummachines and synthesizers, altering his studio and live-setups again and again. Live, he jams with drummachines and synthesizers, programming and mixing patterns on the spot.
Roger 23
Roger 23 (Playhouse, PCM, meakusma - GER)

Paired with a mountainous knowledge of music and innate sensibility for hypnotizing people under his electronic spell, world renowned DJ, producer and musical magician Roger 23, descends upon Saarbrucken.
Mixing Electro, House, Techno and futuristic ear candy. His style and rhythm have catapulted him to play at many of the major clubs and cities throughout Europe including Berlin, Paris, Istanbul & London. Sophisticated, spontaneous, energetic and dropping a beat so sick your hips will have the flu. His magic wand is ready, yet again, to transform the dance floor into an intergalactic musical adventure. All you need is your spacesuits and soon you'll be dancing on the surface of the moon.

Press notes by Zen Jefferson 10/2006
Tase live
Tase live (Atelier Records - GER)
Dresvn DJ Team
Dresvn DJ Team (Acido, Sex Tags Mania, Wania - GER)
Ssaliva live
Ssaliva live (Vlek, Ramp, Surf Kill - BE)

Step forward Francois Boulanger, a young man who one day discovered SoundForge and never looked back since, transforming himself into various musical entities in the process. First there was Kingfisherg which soon enough led to Cupp Cave, an alias that originally brought him to the attention of a hungry worldwide scene thanks to its chunky, hip hop inspired rhythms.

Seemingly not one to stand still for very long, Francois decided to continue his musical mutations further with yet another alias, Ssaliva. Releasing primarily on Belgian labels Vlek Recordings and Surf Kill as well as L.A’s Leaving Records, Ssaliva’s musical world is in a way far removed from Cupp Cave’s. Beatless and atmospheric would be two obvious adjectives to use when talking about Ssaliva’s music, an ethereal sonic world inhabited by ideas made real and which take their full potential when experienced live. It’s as experimental as anything he has done under other names, yet to simply label it as such would be underselling its potential.
Mandrax (Klangforschung Ost)

DJ since 1991, Mandrax is part of Klangforschungost, Ana l. Intrudr and Fraunmusik.
Bepotel live & dj
Bepotel live & dj (Bepotel Records - BE)
Eklektiker (Technoir - BE)
Mars Blackmon
Mars Blackmon (meakusma - BE)

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Gerald Kreitz
Gerald Kreitz ^^
Province de Liège
Province de Liège ^^