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Goethe-Institut Brüssel & meakusma night - 18.02.12
18.02.12 - Goethe-Institut Brüssel & meakusma night

Line Up: Monolake LIVE
(Six channel surround sound concert in complete darkness)

Anstam LIVE
(50Weapons - GER)

Jan Jelinek as Farben LIVE
(Faitiche, Klang, ~scape - GER)

Actress DJ
(Honest Jon's, Werk Discs - UK)

Sensu DJ
(Plain, manna - BE)


Ursulinenstraat 25
1000 Bruxelles


18.02.12 .
22.00 Sensu DJ
00.00 Monolake LIVE
01.00 Farben LIVE
02.00 Anstam LIVE
03.00 Actress DJ
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Presale: 13,50€ (all FNAC stores) -> buy
or for foreign customers via Resident Advisor
At the door: 15€


The Wire
Le Vif
La mediathèque
Monolake LIVE
Monolake LIVE (Six channel surround sound concert in complete darkness)

Monolake started in 1995 as a collaborative project between Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke, with the release of the 12" vinyl single entitled "Cyan" on the Berlin based label Chain Reaction. Both Henke and Behles shared a background in programming, an interest in academic computer music and a fascination for the raw forces of electronic club music. Combining elements of both musical worlds, Monolake's releases are centered around the development of slowly changing repetitive structures, embedded in complex sound design.

From the very beginning of the project, the creation of music was a process more connected to playing and interacting with machines in realtime than to the idea construction.

As a result of this attempt, Robert Henke started to build own hardware for Live performance, like the Monodeck II, and Gerhard Behles founded the music software company Ableton. Robert Henke joined it in order to develop the first music software for performance, Ableton Live. As a side effect, Monolake became a Robert Henke solo project with occasional guests, most notable Torsten "T++" Proefrock, who contributed to the albums Cinemascoope (2002) and Polygon Cities (2005) and to selected live performances in 2008 and 2009.

Since early 2009 Monolake concerts are presented in surround sound and with additional realtime computer animation by the dutch visual artist Tarik Barri. Musically Monalake does not fit into any of the strict genre definitions, it's not Techno, not Minimal, it's not Dubstep, not Ambient. Probably the best description is: Music with a lot of bass, a lot of percussions and a wide and deep sound design.

Monolake Live Surround is a research and result project. Its about moving people on the dancefloor, overwhelming the audience with stunning sound and sophisticated visual manipulations. It's about exploring new technologies like ambisonics and wave field synthesis and it's about providing an experience that can only happen in a concert situation.

Music by Monolake has been licensed for TV series such as CSI Miami, several dance productions, and video clips. Monolake have been remixing Depeche Mode, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Apparat and others.

The name Monolake has been chosen after a missed attempt of Behles and Henke to visit the Mono Lake whilst travelling the US in summer 1994.
Anstam LIVE
Anstam LIVE (50Weapons - GER)

Fact Mag once wrote: "We don’t know a lot about Anstam. No one does. That’s part of the appeal."
Somehow we would like to keep it that way. What we can reveal is the fact that Anstam used to be a duo of 2 brothers from Germany.
They’re responsible for a now legendary trilogy of 12″ releases in 2007 until 2009 "Brom, Aeto and Cree" – that assimilated the hardest, most dystopian flavours of Dubstep, Grime and Junglism into a disciplined, Techno-savvy framework that betrays their Berlin provenance.

And then 2 long years passed without incident. In 2011 Anstam came back to life.
Firstwith a contribution to a split 10” with Phon.o on the B-Side (50WEAPONS011) and later with a new solo 12" named "Baldwin/Carmichael" (50WEAPONS012). Charted by Radiohead's Thom Yorke amongst many others, the first 3 new Anstam tracks in a long time have caused yet another stir in the electronic music community. A highly praised diverse, moody and dark podcast for Fact Mag in May has shown influences and favorites of the project.

Anstam played festivals like Mutek and Melt (amongst others) this year and has just released a Radiohead Remix of "Separator" in September.
Jan Jelinek as Farben LIVE
Jan Jelinek as Farben LIVE (Faitiche, Klang, ~scape - GER)

Jan Jelinek's approach is all about the transformation of sound, about translating parameters of popular music into abstract, reduced and textural electronics.
Bypassing the rules of traditional musicianship, he prefers to construct collages from tiny sound fragments, from the lost-and-found products of samplers, tape recorders, media players and other recording implements. To this end, Jan Jelinek often works with loops and slight modulations to distil the gist of a piece of music and define it more clearly while masking its original source.

Born and raised in Darmstadt, in 1995 Jelinek moved to Berlin to study sociology and philosophy - and embark on his experiments with a wide variety of sampling media. After a brief incubation period, in 1998 he started to release his works under a number of pseudonyms, adapting his primary sampling premise to a surprising range of different sounds. Among others, Jelinek contributed to the Hannover-based EXPO 2000: together with design collective 3DeLuxe, he crafted several multimedia land- and soundscapes for the young media pavilion.

2001 saw the release of "Loop Finding Jazz Records", Jelinek's first album under his own name, a selection of tracks based on old jazz recordings. Here, the original arrangements dissolved into mere acoustic situations, thus turning the medium of sound into an instrument in its own right.
During the following years, Jan Jelinek collaborated with artists like Sarah Morris (ICE-Compositions) or German author Thomas Meinecke, played a range of laptop or gadget-based live sets, worked with improvisation ensembles from Japanese trio Computer Soup to the Australian Jazz formation Triosk and created a number of audio-visual performances with programmer and video artist Karl Kliem for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Kunsthalle Wien and Club Transmediale Berlin, among others.
In 2007, Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler founded Groupshow. A deliberate lack of predetermined repertoire or timescale underscores the trio's improvisational emphasis. The resulting performances possess no clear start or end and resemble freeform installations.
In 2008, Jelinek started the label Faitiche as a platform for his own sound experiments. To date, the label has released two works: Faitiche01, the forgotten oeuvre of an early electronics composer whose biography seems to veer between fiction and reality. Faitiche02 explores the question of copyright in public space.
Actress DJ
Actress DJ (Honest Jon's, Werk Discs - UK)

Actress, aka Darren J. Cunningham has in the last 5 years of running the Werk Discs label set himself apart as one of the hottest A&R scouts within his field, having discovered and released some of the most widely talked about artists of the emerging bass generation, namely Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Starkey.

As Actress he produced the exceptional "Hazyville LP" drawing cries for a Mercury Award Nomination.
He's remixed the too cool for school Various Production, written for the seminal Techno imprint Soma and released the highly acclaimed album "Splazsh" on Honest Jon's, the British Independent record label founded by Damon Albarn & Mark Ainley.

Actress has performed stunning live shows at Fabric London and DJ'd alongside the likes of Juan Atkins, UR, Modeselektor, Radioactive Man, Dabrye, Kode 9 and Flying Lotus. His DJ sets are variable depending on the night and mood, but generally programmed to suit afro-futuristic sounds of all persuasions.

"One of the UK's most fascinating musical figures"
Fact Magazine
Sensu DJ
Sensu DJ (Plain, manna - BE)

Eclectic, kinda minimal DJ from Brussels, Belgium.
Spinning House and Techno, Dub, Dubstep, Grime, Reggae and experimental electronic music. Producing tracks as Kiono together with Koltempleister of by fusing Dubstep and Experimental influences. Former statik dancin resident, started out as experimental and Ambient DJ, but switched to beats (altough occasionally still playing Experimental stuff) having the strong belief that the audience is capable of everything. Appeared with Scion & Paul St. Hilaire, Andy Stott, Jan Jelinek, Luciano, Smash TV, Brian Foote, Ricardo Villalobos, Michael Mayer, Steve Bug, Nathan Fake, Andy Vaz, Phon.o, Discodesafinado, Modeselektor, Krikor, Apparat, Jeff Samuel, Mouse on Mars, Barbara Morgenstern, Kevin Blechdom, Feadz,…

The Goethe-Institut is a non-profit German cultural institution operational worldwide, promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations. The Goethe-Institut also fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on German culture, society and politics. This includes not only the exchange of films, music, theatre, literature, and the like, but also the values of civil society. Goethe cultural societies, reading rooms, and exam and language centers have played a central role in the cultural and educational policies of Germany for close to 60 years. It is named after German polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. ^^

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