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Today, four podcast interviews from the Meakusma Weekend 2020 and the Meakusma Festival 2019 have been made available through Dublab. This series of talks with artists such as Spencer Clark, Dennis Tyfus, Disrupt and Köhn picks up on topics discussed in the 3rd edition of...
A selection of performances and interviews, broadcast during the Meakusma Weekend a couple of weeks ago, is now available online for your listening pleasure. Despite the fact we had to cancel the Meakusma Festival this year because of Covid-19, we are quite happy with how...
Ever since we announced the lineup of the Meakusma Weekend and our Radiolab, people have been asking us whether it is possible to attend the proceedings in Eupen. Although we greatly appreciate the fact that our audience seems very motivated to still come to Eupen...
Meakusma is featured in the Oscillation lineup with a show originally broadcast in the early 90s on the now defunct radio station Rewi...